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Best Solar Panel Company in Canada – 10 Solar Installation Best Practices

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The Best Solar Panel Company recommends these 10 installation solar panel practices for the Canadian Climate to ensure you will have a great solar panel system that will last you a long time.
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The New SaskPower Net Metering and What It Means To Residents

A growing number of SaskPower customers are interested in generating their own power.  They have reviewed customer generation programs and used key stakeholder input to help shape their programs.
Solar Energy Batteries

To battery or Not To Battery, That Is The Question!

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Until now, the industry estimated photovoltaic solar panels lost about 20% of their energy because of snow buildup in the winter months.
Solar Energy Batteries

Solar Panels Still Produce Despite Snowy Winters: 5 Year NAIT Study Finds

A five-year study by energy experts shows snow has little impact on solar panel effectiveness. Results from a study led by NAIT’s Alternative Energy Technology program include good news for Canadians looking to install solar panels.
Does Solar Power Increase the Value of My Home in the Regina, Saskatchewan Housing Market

Does Solar Power Increase the Value of My Home in the Regina, Saskatchewan Housing Market?

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The short answer is yes! According to a Berkeley Study performed in California (, results showed that installing solar on your home can increase its value up to 20%!
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A Complete Overview Of Solar power in Saskatchewan

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As of 2018, more than 800 solar panels systems have been installed. Broken down, thats 400 residential installs in Saskatoon, Regina, Prince Albert, Swift Current, and Moose Jaw, as well as an additional 400 installs on rural properties across the province.
How Do You Pay For Your Solar Panel Installation

How Do You Pay For Your Solar Panel Installation?

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Want to install solar panels in Regina but worried about financing? It’s actually quite simple! Like any large, home investment, there are a lot of options.
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How Durable Are Solar Panels?

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Will my solar panels survive a hail storm? How strong are solar panels? We get this question a lot, how strong are solar panels? Will they survive the winter? The answer is almost always YES!