MC4 Connectors - Solar

MC4 Connectors & PV Cable

We carry all lengths and sizes of MC4 Connectors with PV Cable ranging from 1ft long to 200ft long. If you need a custom length we can crimp and make MC4 cables to any length that is needed for your solar panel project.

We have a variety of splitter or Y-MC4 Cables ranging from Male to Double Female and Female to Double Male. These cables will work well if you are trying to connect your solar panels in parallel to increase the amps of your solar system. If you want to increase the voltage of your solar system we have mc4 connectors to connect your solar panels in series. There are advantages and disadvantages to each of these connection methods.

If you are connecting your solar panels in parallel this will allow the solar panels to operate independently and help maximum the wattage of your solar panels if they have trees in the area that cast a shadow on the modules. If you wire your solar panels in series they will perform as well as the lowest producing solar panel. If you have a shadow free zone this is not a problem at all and also some inverters do require a minimum start-up voltage or they will not fire up.

We also carry 3 way MC4 and 4 way MC4 cable splitters for connection multiple panels in parallel.

MC4 Connectors both Male and Female
#10AWG PV Cable Designed for Solar Panels

If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to call our office for additional technical support!